• APT works with churches in Burkina Faso to bring God's blessing to their communities.

  • Northern Burkina Faso is a colourful mix of different peoples and cultures.

  • Many villages are challenged by poverty and remain untouched by the gospel.

  • We work with different people groups including Fulani, traditonally nomadic herders.

  • Collecting water can be a time consuming task in the hot, dry climate.

  • Beggar boys wander the streets during the day to earn money for their Quranic teacher


APT in Burkina Faso

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Pictures of the Water Tower in Gorom-Gorom

Here are a couple of pictures of people using the water tower we have ...
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Floods in Oudalan Create Havoc

Unusually heavy rain has caused flooding in Markoye in Oudalan province this week. Adama, ...
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Cofalboy gets clean water

Over the last year APT have repaired about 15 wells for different villages and ...
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Water Tower arrives for Wakkil Alla School

The water tower for Wakkil Alla School has arrived in Gorom-Gorom on the back ...
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